Break-Up Emergency
Have you ever experienced a break-up? Allow your BREAK to take you UP to your BREAK THROUGH.

If you can't X out your EX then this book is for you.


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Eris Huemer, M.A.

Eris Huemer, author of Break-up Emergency, is a Life Coach and holds a masters degree in counseling psychology. She is the relationship specialist who puts the REAL back into REALationship. Not only is she academically accredited in the field of psychology, she also has a life time of real world experience. Her unique take on the ups and downs, and ins and outs of relationships, helps guide people toward making positive and lasting life change.

Through her books, documentaries, interviews, performances, and seminars, Eris shares her special brand of wit and insight holding up a mirror to the face of relationships in modern society. Through these mediums, she helps people gain an understanding of who they are and what they love, as individuals, independent of their love relationships, get through internal roadblocks, and then use that knowledge to create the life they deserve. She takes a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to looking at people's personal experience from break-up to break through and on.

Eris earned her masters degree in counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, her Co-active Coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute, and her undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from Florida State University. She is a student of the teachings of Carl Jung, Deepak Chopra, Ernest Holmes, and the seminars and workshops of James Ray, Neal Donald Walsch, Dr. John DeMartini, Dr. Patricia Allen (Getting to I do), Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way), Iyanla Vanzant, and others. Eris is also a contributing author in the book series Thank God I...Book One. She has an active Coaching and Counseling business in Los Angeles where she lives with her partner and co-author, Clayton Winans.

"I met Eris over a decade ago. She knows me well. Over that time she has helped me through my courtship, engagement, marriage, birth of my three daughters, and my divorce. If it wasn't for a few well chosen pieces of advice along the way, I might have done things differently, which would have been a shame. Today, I have gratitude for my ex, my three beautiful girls, and for the man I have become along the way."

Founder of Seche, Inc. (nail & skin care products)

Rose of Sharon
"Eris fully embraces the idea that everyone has their own journey, their own destiny to fulfill. Furthermore, Eris is an exceptional listener. This combination of breadth of experience, depth of compassion, and intensity of attentiveness makes her an ideal counselor and life coach."

Yoga and Pilates Instructor

"We ALL have a dark sides...HELLO! They reveal themselves sooner or later, one way or another. The question Eris confronted me with was could I hang with my significant others dark side. The answer was, for a while I could. But as his Hyde took over his Jeckle, Eris suggested that I keep asking myself could I hang. It wasn't that he was a bad guy - he just wasn't the one for me. I am much happier now!"

Founder of Blood Sweat and Breathe Yoga Mats

"Eris shared advice with me that helped me love my self again and know my self worth. I no longer find my self worth in relationships or from other people's actions. I have learned to listen to my intuition and trust myself. I finally feel at peace."


"When I was having tough times in my relationship, I learned a valuable lesson from Eris. Everyone can deal with the good times, the fun times, the happy times...but when you are in a relationship there are always ups and downs. It takes work - from BOTH people in the relationship - not just me."

Medical Sales

"Eris escorted me back to rediscover my true strengths, after I thought I lost them in a breakup. I not only rediscovered my strengths but also realized my heart muscles were stronger and my soul happier, thanks to Eris. She has led me back to my truths and allowed me to face them fearlessly."

US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Hawaii

"The love, passion, energy, and advice she has given to me is now spilling over to the rest of the world! Watch out... My life has changed and so will yours!"


"Eris has an amazing ability to make you look inward at yourself in the middle of the hurt. For once instead of focusing on the negative of everything surrounding my relationship, I turned it all into something positive by taking the time to really listen to myself and learn about me and my behavior. And simply grow from there."

Television Host and Print Model

"Eris, while being deeply committed, brings intelligence, honesty, and a down to earth wisdom to her counseling and life coaching. She blends the depth perspective of her background in psychology with the breadth of rich life experience. As an initiate of the heart's mysteries, she understands the sacred nature of the lover's journey. I highly recommend Eris to anyone seeking a better understanding of love's agonies and ecstasies, and most importantly, it's promise of soul growth and transformation. "

Living Your Brilliance
Life Coaching and Depth Psychotherapy

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